Our Directors

Australia - Jess Turunen

Jess began her journey when she entered the Continents Pageant in 2017 and surprised herself by winning the title of Mrs Australia Continents 2018.

Determined to show women how to be their authentic selves, Jess worked tirelessly to ensure she would come away from the international stage feeling proud of herself regardless of the results.

The judges were blown away by her charisma, personality and passion for self development, and Jess was crowned Mrs Continents 2018.

Jess' mission is to spread the Continents message of "Be your own kind of beautiful" by creating an all-encompassing pageant that rewards women for their passion, philanthropy and friendship with their sister queens.

"After being a part of such a supportive system, I could never have imagined competing elsewhere and decided that following my reign as Mrs Continents I would hang up my heels and enter pageant retirement. When the offer came about for me to take over directorship of the Australian system it was a no-brainer and I am very proud to be rebranding and creating a system that Australian girls will be proud to represent."

International - Gaspar Cruz

After 17 years of pageant experience as a co-director, hair and makeup artist, and couture gown and jewellery designer, Gaspar Cruz was asked to judge a pageant that unfortunately put him in a position where he was conflicted with his personal beliefs of honesty and integrity.

Following this experience, he decided to create his own system that aligned with his morals, and the Continents Pageant was born.

"I have put together an ethics committee that consists of doctors, lawyers, professors, former titleholders, clients and mothers which will remind me of that very day I lost faith in pageants after being a judge. I did this so that I can remind everyone involved in the program whether they are a national director, state director, local director, staff member, sponsor or volunteer that we must always be honest, always put contestants first and remember that pageants are in the business of making young ladies dreams come true. As directors, sponsors, staff members and adults our job is to ensure that these young ladies never stop believing in their dreams!"